22 of the Best Craft Beer Names

The craft beer world seems to be expanding every day, with microbreweries popping up in all corners. As a result, there are thousands of different craft beers options for beerheads to choose from. How does a brewery stand out above all the rest then? The obvious answer is to produce beautiful beer, but if no one has tasted it in the first place you’ll need another plan of attack.

While label design is now often used to attract the attention of a would-be buyer, a top-drawer beer name can also be enough to sway a customer your way. There are some creative breweries out there, so we’ve put together a list of some of the best craft beer names in the business. WARNING: There will be puns.

1. Citra Ass Down (Against the Grain Brewery) – A forceful citra hopped IPA. Drink it now!


2. Hoptimus Prime (Ruckus Brewing) – One of the best beery puns I’ve come across. Has you thinking “how didn’t I come up with that?”.

3. Apocalypse Cow (3 Floyds Brewing Co.) – Cue Ride of the Valkyries.

4. Tactical Nuclear Penguin (BrewDog) – A killer name had to match this killer beer – in 2009 it was named the world’s strongest beer at 32% ABV. It has since lost its title to a 67.5% ABV bohemoth called Snake Venom.

5. 668, Neighbor of the Beast (New England Brewing Co.) – Old Carl just refuses to move despite the screaming, sounds of anguish and the constant smell of brimstone coming from next door (see Rock School).

6. Polygamy Porter (Wasatch Brewery) – Why have just one? Ask this guy.

7. Baby Got Bock (Horny Goat Brewery) – Appropriate given the brewery name.

8. Yeastus Christus (To Øl) – We wrote about this back at Easter and it really was the name that drew us to the beer.

Yeastus Christus

9. Stupid Sexy Flanders (Young Henrys) – The first Aussie beer on the list, this cherry saison plays homage to Ned’s tight, firm buttocks.

10. Ryan and the Gosling (Evil Twin Brewing) – Hey girl, you like hops? Evil Twin have some amazing beer names (keep reading for another entry in this list).

11. It burns when IPA (Mockery Brewery) – Enough said…

12. Get down American Brown Ale (BrewCult) – Prepare to get your boogie on.

Image: Beer Days

Image: Beer Days

13. Smooth Hoperator (Stroudts Brewing) – Hop puns don’t get old… do they?

14. The Best Brewjob Ever (Freigeist / Nøgne Ø) – Ever had a brewjob like this one?

15. Magic Beaver (Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery) – but wait, there’s more! Magic Beaver is brewed in Goochland, VA.

16. Karma Citra (Feral Brewing) – The rabbits make the oxymoron come to life.

17. Rock out with your bock out (Terminal Brewhouse) – another bock, another solid play on words. This beer is only found on tap at the brewpub.

18. Wet Dream (Evil Twin Brewing) – when the pleasure of beer becomes too much.

19. Old Leghumper (Thirsty Dog Brewing Co.) – down boy!

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

20. Stop, Hop and Roll (Bethlehem Brew Works) – Nearing the end and still not the last hoppy pun..

21. Genghis Pecan (Clown Shoes) – A pecan pie porter mmmmm. Terrible label though.

And finally…

22. Hoppy Ending (Palo Alto Brewing Company) – a fitting place for this one.

If you’ve seen any craft beer names that you think would make this list let us know in the comments section below.